Printing and embroidery.

We choose the technique that suits your clothing package and requirements, and apply the company logo in a durable way. With a high-quality look and a choice of endless colours.

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The finishing touch.

Your company logo on clothing

Your company logo is the finishing touch to any clothing package. How we apply this logo? This can be done in different ways. For example, embroidery is a very nice and durable solution, but of course you can also opt for printing via transfer or screen printing. We use organic ink for this. The choice depends largely on the workwear itself, but is also a matter of taste. We explain the differences below.

Screen print
Using a textile carousel or by hand, we print directly on the textile in one or more colours. Suitable for simple products such as T-shirts, polo shirts and jumpers. This is the simplest way of printing and therefore often competitively priced.

Textile transfer Atex 40°c
An indirect screen printing technique, where we print the colours mirrored on special paper or polyester. As a final printing step, we apply adhesive, after which we use a heat press to put the transfer on clothes, as well as sports bags, umbrellas and other products. An advantage of transfers is that we can stock them and deliver repeat orders quickly and without additional start-up or preparation costs. This technique is suitable for more complex products such as bags, body warmers and other products with many seams, buttons and zips.

Textile transfer Atex 95°c
Same as the ATEX 40° transfer, but washable up to 95°. Ideal for workwear that needs hot washing. How we manage that? Due to an extra print run and an additive in the ink that increases washing resistance.

Durable and stylish

Full-colour textile transfer Digitex 40°c
This transfer is a combination of a digital print and a screen print. Using a high-end printer, we print mirrored full-colour on polyester. We then apply a white ink behind the image using a screen print, and finally a layer of glue. Ideal for complex logos with grids, gradients and pictures. This transfer is razor-sharp and solid by combining the above two techniques.

In embroidery, we decorate fabric made of spun thread in a pattern. The pattern of your company logo! This gives a high-quality look to any garment. We can use a maximum of 12 colours per embroidery.

Let your logo shine!
A logo on your clothing package? No problem. At Blakläder, Tricorp and Dassy, they have already taken into account any customisation on the chest or back in the design by creating a press stud zip on the inside of the clothing. This allows us to easily process the logos. But even with other brands, we will work with you to find the most suitable solution.

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