Custom made.

With a choice of infinite fabrics and haberdashery, together with our designer you will design a unique clothing package to your liking.

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Custom made workwear.

Clothing customisation and personalisation

You want your employees to look presentable. Makes sense. A good fit, the best materials and a professional look is the norm in our selected clothing packages. But you can go one step further. How? By personalising the clothes. Matching your company’s look and feel. This ensures recognisability, which increases brand awareness. You can customise standard packages (think a different colour zipper) or design the clothes completely custom made. Our designer will work with you to design a unique clothing package according to your wishes. The choice of fabrics and haberdashery is endless! Some of the options:

Shirts and blouses
Looking for custom-made shirts for your male staff and custom-made blouses for the ladies? Then discover our 3D Shirtdesigner. With this designer, you can create your own 3D models of the workwear you want to order. Totally custom-made, thanks to the extensive range of fabrics and options. With the hem as desired and, of course, the right size for the sleeves and body. We provide embroidery on the shirt and all the extras you are looking for.

Custom collar
You can also choose the collar of the shirt or blouse as you wish.

Semi-spread collar
Also called the classic collar for a shirt. The straight collar tips run fairly straight to the front, providing a formal look to the workwear.

Wide-spread collar
A variation on the semi-spread collar. The collar tips are cut straight and run a little wider, creating a more modern and dressy look.

Cut-away collar
A stylish collar for your custom-made shirts and blouses, with the collar band cut away at an angle to the back.

Button-down collar
A buttoned collar, to help keep the collar tips in place. It gives the shirt or blouse an informal and sporty character.

Infinite possibilities

Choice of 270 fabrics in all colours
Practically any fabric is possible. So you can match it perfectly to the appearance you are looking for. Looking for a dainty and elegant shirt? Or do you specifically want employees to be able to move around freely in it? Based on this, we are happy to help you choose from the different fabrics. Then you have a choice of all the colours. Choose the colours of your company or corporate identity so that your employees are instantly recognisable.

Tailored sleeve and body length
Of course, we can neatly tailor the shirts and blouses. You can specify the desired sleeve length and body length for this. This way, you will always have the desired fit for your employees. That works pleasantly and is comfortable to wear.

All details in order
We can also apply your company logo to the clothes. You can choose from embroidery or screen printing. But there is more. For example, you can add an extra breast pocket, opt for a special pen pocket or add coloured buttons. And do you want certain parts of the shirt in a contrasting colour? No problem, we can take care of that too. This way, we fully tailor the workwear to the design you have in mind.

Time to design.
Can’t wait to get started custom designing your clothing package yourself? We are not surprised! It also excites us every time. We offer this service for customers who dress at least 25 employees. Get in touch with us and before you know it, we’ll be sitting in our showroom designing your package!

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