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Visiting Lakwijk Kunststoffen BV "The advantage of collaborating with a local workwear supplier!"

Name: Petra Schellekens Company: Lakwijk Kunststoffen BV

It’s quite convenient being almost literally around the corner from the supplier of your workwear. That is practical and personal, according to Lakwijk Kunststoffen from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, especially in these times.

Lakwijk and Vepa are located on the same industrial estate, just around the corner from each other. “We got to know each other when Vepa had just moved from Oss to Den Bosch in 2018. It’s great that you can do good business in such a pleasant way with your almost-neighbours”, says Kevin van Grunsven from Vepa Bedrijfskleding. “That also has practical advantages, especially when it comes to trying on clothes and consultation/advice. You simply cross the street, after all. But of course, we are happy to serve companies in the rest of the country as well.”

Personal contact
Of Lakwijk’s roughly thirty employees, about twenty work in the production hall and the sawmill, according to Petra Schellekens, who is responsible for workwear at Lakwijk. “The contact with Vepa Bedrijfskleding is just very pleasant and personal. Vepa is a very customer-friendly company. You always receive a quick response to a question or request. We always have the same contact person, which works great as well. The fact that we merely have to cross the road is a nice bonus. Easy when, for example, we need to try on a shoe or when we quickly need something. I’m glad that I have little to worry about when it comes to the entire process around our workwear. The sizes of the employees are listed in a program and if we need something, it is quickly taken care of. Everyone knows where they stand.”

Wearing workwear is mandatory. “I don’t hear any complaints about that, although the clothing is not really a busy topic of conversation… It has to fit well and work comfortably, that’s what matters to people.” The clothing in the workplace should be comfortable, but also durable. That can be achieved with the clothing from the A-brand Dassy Workwear. “They can choose between work trousers or a more trendy pair of jeans, sweaters and T-shirts with long or short sleeves. When customers come to the counter, we find it important that everyone wears the blue-black company clothing with our logo. This way, we convey that we are one company.”

Safety shoes
Regarding the shoes, a range for the employees to choose from has been compiled together with Vepa. Good shoes are important to prevent complaints to knees and back, but also to be able to do your work safely. Not everyone can wear the same shoes. That’s personal. Every foot is different and personal advice from Vepa can be helpful. It is convenient that we can easily walk to Vepa, located near our company at De Rietvelden in Den Bosch.

About Lakwijk
Lakwijk offers solutions in plastic. The company in Den Bosch is a wholesaler of plastic semi-finished products and also produces high-quality finished products, according to specified dimensions, sketch or technical drawing. “It can be a single item, but also larger series. And from very simple to very complex. We have been around for years and are known for our short and reliable delivery times. The customer comes with a sketch or drawing, or just a problem or question, and we solve it. Together, we often come up with a tailor-made solution.”