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Oostendorp Autogroep chooses Vepa Bedrijfskleding

Name: Marijn Zomers Company: Oostendorp Autogroep

“It’s just a great collaboration. At Vepa Bedrijfskleding, they pay attention to detail and you can tell that they know what they’re talking about. They are familiar with our company and our business. The most important thing for me is the personal attention we receive. With Robert van Enschot and his team, we can move quickly. The lines are short, there is immediate attention to you. They are very helpful and ensure that a solution is found.”

Speaking is Marijn Zomers, facility coordinator at Oostendorp Autogroep. “It is my job to work with my team to ensure that all facilities are in order so that our colleagues can concentrate on the job they were appointed to do: making customers happy by expertly repairing, servicing and selling cars.”

Also for parent company
So Marijn Zomers and his team are also responsible for the workwear. Vepa was already a supplier for the Jos Van Boxtel Group (acquired by Oostendorp in early 2020) and the contact went so well that Vepa was also allowed to work for the new parent company. The auto group is headquartered in Uden and has locations in Oss, Uden, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Helmond, Venray, Middelrode, ’s-Hertogenbosch and more. In total, the auto group has around 450 employees. Oostendorp is an official dealer of Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Nissan, has several bodyshops, a glass repair shop, a leasing and rental company and its own insurance.

Exuding uniformity
Employees at Jos van Boxtel in ‘s-Hertogenbosch were still walking in ‘old’ workwear. “And, of course, the purpose of workwear is to exude uniformity. We all work for the same company.” Although, of course, the clothing packages are tailored to the work. Workwear for mechanics in the workshop requires different specifications from those of people in the rental department. “Then it involves polos, a blouse, jumper, jacket and trousers. A complete package per employee.”

Vepa Bedrijfskleding has already supplied for the rental department and later for the workshop reception. As far as he is concerned, the difference with other workwear suppliers is in the personal attention. “With the really big guys in the workwear business, you are much more likely to feel like a number, just another customer in the big picture. So in that case, personal attention makes the difference”, Marijn explains.

Vepa Bedrijfskleding is certainly good at customisation. In practice, it is rare to re-design the entire company or one location in one go, Marijn says. “That calls for an appropriate approach. They are often smaller groups in need of a new outfit. It can be quite difficult to coordinate everything well and also do it within a short timeframe with a tailor-made package for everyone. And then it’s about making sure the clothes for that one man or woman also get the attention they deserve.”