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Kwantum/Leen Bakker super satisfied with Vepa

Name: Kevin van den Broek Company: Kwantum/Leen Bakker

“Truly, our technicians are very proud of their new workwear. They share photos in the group chat and are super satisfied with the Dassy clothing delivered by Vepa. It is high-quality professional clothing with the right look. As Kwantum and Leen Bakker, we have fulfilled our ambition in terms of workwear for our people. Indeed, we want to equip our people with comfortable and professional clothing and an appropriate look toward our customers, and we have certainly succeeded at that.”

Speaking is Kevin van den Broek from Kwantum’s headquarters in Tilburg. He and his team are responsible for, among other things, planning orders and training technicians, and is part of a project group overseeing the collaboration between Kwantum and Leen Bakker. The technicians are spread across the country, installing window decorations (curtains, blinds) or laying floors.

These seventy technicians in total, men and women by the way, are now wearing brand new workwear with both logos. “Robert and the team at Vepa provided excellent input on the design and printing. This resulted in a design with the right look that is also a good alternative to the original design in terms of cost. We found that the experience Vepa has comes in very handy here.”

Wonderful combination
The experiences with Robert van Enschot and Vepa Bedrijfskleding are excellent. “They are very approachable and answer questions very quickly. Their response is also knowledgeable and honest. You can feel they are service-oriented and don’t mess around. They do not make promises they cannot keep and keep us as customers well informed. I would definitely recommend Vepa workwear. We are super satisfied with Vepa’s approach. They offer a wonderful combination of good advice, optimal service and quality workwear. Highly recommended!”

At Vepa, they know what they are talking about, says Kevin van den Broek. Technicians must be able to move around properly, and their clothes must be comfortable and breathable. Ultimately, partly at Vepa’s suggestion, Kwantum chose the quality of a top brand like Dassy. “That choice was preceded by advice from Vepa, as well as a period of several months during which a number of technicians were able to test various brands of clothing. To assess whether the clothing meets the requirements in everyday practice, as that is obviously very important for technicians who need to be able to move around properly.”

Dassy’s package includes three polos, a jacket and a vest per technician. For the ten women mechanics, Dassy has a women’s line. “A decision we certainly don’t regret, because our people are very enthusiastic. And that is what matters; they have to be able to work well in it and also be very happy with the look of the clothes.” In the end, some 100 sets of clothes went to Tilburg and were distributed across the country.