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In Vepa workwear: Jan de Groot's Bossche Bollen bakers

Name: Jan de Groot Company: Banketbakkerij Jan de Groot

They are world-famous and not only in ‘s-Hertogenbosch: the Bossche Bollen of Jan de Groot. Jan de Groot’s confectioners do their daily work in workwear from Vepa Bedrijfskleding. This way, Vepa plays a modest part in the huge production of a legendary product. For the confectioners, Vepa Bedrijfskleding supplies jackets, trousers, aprons and caps. “We were looking for a new supplier for our workwear, and on my way home, I drove past Vepa on Rietveldenweg every day. I stepped in and this led to a very good partnership.”

It clicked, says Jan de Groot. “We focus on quality and Vepa understands what we need. They listen well and are very helpful and cooperative. What I really like is that they act quickly when something is needed. They know what they are doing. I went with my boys to try on the clothes in the showroom, and everything was soon taken care of. Another thing I personally find important is that we prefer to work with a local supplier. Provided, of course, that it delivers the quality we are looking for. And Vepa does.”

Everything ourselves
Business is good, confirms Jan de Groot. During his time, sales doubled. Exactly how many Bossche Bollen will be sold, he left to our imagination. “But when we are busy we make about a thousand Bossche Bollen an hour. We make everything ourselves, including the sausage rolls we sell.” The Bollen are made in the bakery in Engelen, and get their chocolate coating in the bakery behind the shop on the Stationsweg. A total of 20 bakers work in the clothes supplied by Vepa.

True family business
Jan de Groot is the third generation of pastry chef on Stationsweg in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. There, the lunchroom, spread over two floors, can accommodate 100 guests. Grandpa Jan de Groot started the company, his uncle Jan was the successor and he took over the business with his niece Brigit in 2001. A true family business, then, that has a tradition to uphold. “We stand for quality. For all of us and for the very best ingredients of chocolate and cream, which is important for a good Bossche Bol.” The modest Jan de Groot forgets to mention the craftsmanship of the bakers who make De Groot’s Bollen famous throughout the country. We regularly get long queues outside on the pavement: you couldn’t wish for a better advertisement…