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It must fit you perfectly

Name: Kevin van Grunsven Company: Vepa Bedrijfskleding BV

“Workwear should be comfortable and do its job. It must all fit well for your people. But it also has to suit you as a company; so consider organising your workwear. We keep it fun and make it easy.”

At Vepa, a low-threshold and personal approach is paramount. “That is exactly what we want with our services. We always provide a suitable solution”, says Kevin van Grunsven from Vepa. Taking trying on workwear, for example. “That’s possible at Vepa, no problem at all. But it’s also possible to organize a fitting session at your company. It’s just a matter of what you prefer.” The specialists at Vepa go beyond dressing up your team members. “Think of a complete clothing management system. Or will you stick with a hassle-free and sustainable laundry service?”