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GTV Elektro on Vepa Bedrijfskleding

Name: Simone de Gouw Company: GTV Elektro

Vepa Bedrijfskleding’s strength lies in a combination of factors, says Simone de Gouw of GTV Elektro. “Quality workwear with charisma, that’s what we were looking for. In addition, Vepa is very proactive in its communication, responding quickly and being on top of things. A really pleasant way to work!”

imone de Gouw is responsible for HR at GTV, the electrical engineering company that just moved from ‘s-Hertogenbosch to Waalwijk. GTV started looking for a supplier for workwear during 2020. The company was working on its image, including by introducing a new corporate identity. “We did not yet have workwear, but wanted to take care of that in view of our move to new premises. So in our search, we ended up with Vepa, in industrial estate De Rietvelden where we were also located. I drove past them regularly.” It eventually came to a meeting and it went well. “The quality was paramount, and Vepa has the workwear we like with the right look. In addition, of course, you start comparing prices.”

Dassy Workwear
Ultimately, the A-brand Dassy Workwear was chosen. GTV’s logo appears on both the front and back of employees’ clothing on the work floor. In total, GTV Elektro employs about 60 people. For now, it just involves polos and, for when it’s cooler, vests. Employees in production can also choose from a number of types of work shoes, an essential part of professional workwear for safety reasons. “We haven’t chosen trousers yet, we want to do that later.”

Professional appearance
Why did GTV Elektro choose Vepa Bedrijfskleding? “For starters, they had the range of workwear we were looking for. We strive for quality and very consciously choose a professional look. There is uniformity in clothing on the work floor, and that creates the look we had in mind.”

Simone also mentions Vepa’s flexibility. “For example, during the selection process, we had our production staff wear the clothes for a day. ‘Let them work in it for a day, then they will have a feel for it’, Vepa said. Work can look great, but of course it should also be comfortable to wear. We got to know Vepa as a team that is very committed, where a lot is possible and they are happy to help us find the best solution. And we’re very happy with that so far.”

Profile GTV: connecting is our strength
As a system integrator, GTV Elektro specialises in the design, assembly, cabling and commissioning of infrastructures and electrical systems and installations. It then also takes care of controlling and monitoring these. GTV Elektro started in 1990 as Van Gerwen Techniek Vlijmen. From the village in Brabant, GTV started designing and assembling cabling. As cable assembly became increasingly machine based, GTV also focused on electrical system assembly and panel building. In the year 2000, GTV moved to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. There, the Brabant-based company continued to grow and gained national recognition for the innovative way it combined its panel building assembly and manufacturing activities in the electrical field.