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Collaboration of Vepa Bedrijfskleding and FPH Ploegmakers.

Name: Esther Gloudemans Company: FPH Ploegmakers

“We are contractors, not clothing experts”, says Esther Gloudemans of FPH Ploegmakers. But the Vinkel-based company did need workwear and found the right partner in Vepa Bedrijfskleding. “After all, you want your people to work well and comfortably. But appearance and recognisability are also important to us. And that requires the right workwear.”

It started with T-shirts, says Esther who, as communications consultant, is responsible for the corporate identity. “I actually knew Vepa from the T-shirts they sponsored for all the volunteers of Jazz in Duketown in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I’ve had them myself and they were of good quality and looked good. In short, one thing led to another.”

Esther Gloudemans, who has also worked with Vepa in the past, inquired about the T-shirts . “The request for a blue shirt is just the beginning. The great thing is what Vepa then does with your request. Not just delivering those T-shirts, but asking us specifically what we need them for. The right workwear enhances your appearance. This is how we arrived at the solution of ordering both T-shirts and polos. Our people can choose what they feel most comfortable in. A good move, we are very happy with the workwear.”

FPH Ploegmakers is a down-to-earth company where many of its 60 or so employees work outside. The company specialises in earthworks, civil engineering, landscaping and cultural engineering. “That puts demands on the workwear required. Of course, the clothes must be comfortable, meet safety requirements and be of good quality”, Esther Gloudemans explains. “We also think it is important that the clothing contributes to the company’s image and that our people are recognisable as FPH employees.”

Flexibility & Advice
T-shirts and polo shirts were followed by Dassy stretch work trousers and, in the immediate future, jumpers. Ultimately, the A-brand Dassy Workwear was chosen. “We were enthusiastic about the quality and service; so it made sense to stay with a supplier like Vepa. What is also great is that they are really flexible. To give an example, about the size of the logos on T-shirts. This is important, because otherwise, it is not officially considered workwear by the tax authorities. So they clearly know their stuff. Moreover, they are very cooperative when we need fitting models, for example.”

Trying out
We needed work trousers for the guys doing sewage work, among other things. This requires specific features. “The work trousers were here in all kinds of designs. People were able to try them on and also test them. By trying things out, you experience the quality, which is great for convincing even the critical staff. You have to be able to fit, see and feel the clothes. Vepa has a wide range, with multiple options in various price ranges. It all depends on what you need. And you are guided well in that process; it’s a very pleasant collaboration.”