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Vepa Bedrijfskleding enters partnership with AHA de Man and Beregening Service Nederland

Name: Tim Keuter Company: AHA de Man

When your employees represent the company outdoors all day on golf courses and sports grounds, the workwear should of course be comfortable, but also presentable. This is how AHA de Man and Beregening Service Nederland ended up at Vepa Bedrijfskleding.

AHA de Man very deliberately sought a supplier from the vicinity of its Zevenbergen location, commercial manager Tim Keuter explains. “You don’t just walk into a workwear showroom; you research it carefully, especially in these times. So that’s how we ended up at Vepa Bedrijfskleding in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We also consider regional procurement important based on our efforts around corporate sustainability. Although, of course, delivering quality is always the main criterion.”

Vepa recommends a focus on quality
The workwear supplied by Vepa Bedrijfskleding is for both AHA de Man and subsidiary Beregening Service Nederland. AHA de Man invested heavily in service quality. “As a family business that has been around for 100 years, we have gone through quite a transition. We are proud of our history and our reliability and, of course, that includes appearance. Think of the vans, but of course, the workwear as well. It is our people who make the difference and we cherish that. You want them to look presentable and to have workwear that meets all requirements. That too should exude quality.”

Dassy Workwear Flex collection
The choice fell on the quality of A-brand Dassy Workwear. Tim Keuter: “The clothes should not only represent the quality of our company, but also be comfortable, sturdy and easy to keep clean. This is how we finally arrived at a clothing package with stretch work trousers, T-shirt, polo shirt with UV radiation protection (UPF 50+), softshell jacket, winter jacket and jumper vests. We are proud of our people and our company. Our people must also exude that while they are working every day.”

Choice of the colour black
After a personal consultation process, black workwear was chosen for about 50 employees. “That colour was not our original thought; you typically see green in our industry of landscaping. We were guided by Vepa Bedrijfskleding’s advice and ended up with the chic black. In part because this made our updated logos look best on the clothes. “Let the colours and details of the logo speak and stand out”; says Vepa. For these kinds of processes, you want to be supported by professionals who understand the practical and technical aspects of workwear.”

What does AHA de Man do
“AHA de Man is your partner in the field of golf course maintenance and renovation. Together, we look for the ideal partnership, whether it is a full service or some form of it, renovations from tee to green. We are or have been involved in many Dutch golf courses,” says Tim Keuter. “Think water issues, expanding a course, sustainability through GPS-controlled mowing, electric solutions and from Greendeal to the GEO certificate. ‘Your golf course at its best’ is our pay-off. Anything to make a better golf course. With our experienced greenkeepers, we understand that daily maintenance and careful construction of the golf course affect golfers’ satisfaction. A satisfied golfer will gladly come back again. We do our best for the host to keep the course in top condition.”

The subsidiary Beregening Service Nederland focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of sprinkler systems. Beregening Service Nederland. The company operates mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. “With our systems, we unburden managers and owners of sports grounds, golf courses, parks and gardens to fire hydrants. Partly due to increasingly dry springs and summers, managing a healthy turf and green garden requires a perfectly functioning sprinkler system. With the latest irrigation systems, the quality of lawns, parks and gardens goes up. We have our own service department to resolve breakdowns and damages as quickly as possible.”