De Berkel.

Fashionable line of workwear for healthcare that meets all practical requirements, has the right look and is clearly recognisable.

Personal advice?

Being able to move around while looking presentable.

De Berkel’s workwear has a rich history. In over 70 years, they have grown into a supplier of workwear for sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, schools, food and leisure. Wherever you are working; with De Berkel, you can count on clothes that allow you to move around comfortably while working and that make you look presentable. And of course, the clothing meets all practical requirements and is clearly recognisable.

We are an official dealer of De Berkel and offer a complete range that we can deliver quickly.

  • Tailor-made advice in showroom and free fitting session
  • Convenient clothing management system
  • Laundry service that suits you
  • Recycling workwear? Yes please!
  • Company logo screen printing, embroidery or transfers
  • Meets all requirements and certifications

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