This European brand makes workwear with a purpose: to make the performance of hard-working professionals safer and more practical.

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Quality, functionality and durability.

The name ‘Dassy professional workwear’ has become indispensable in the workplace. For more than 40 years, DASSY has been developing professional workwear with a focus on high quality, functionality as well as durability. And they do so for a reason. They aim to help professionals in construction, road building, logistics and service, among others, get the most out of their working day.

We are an official A-dealer of Dassy workwear and offer the complete range, which we can deliver quickly.

  • Tailor-made advice in showroom and free fitting session
  • Convenient clothing management system
  • Laundry service that suits you
  • Recycling workwear? Yes please!
  • Company logo screen printing, embroidery or transfers
  • Meets all requirements and certifications

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