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Together with our customers, we work towards success.

“Feeling comfortable with the agreements you make; we understand the importance of the brand and image are you have carefully built. Together with our customers, we work towards success. We do it to make you happy”, says Robert van Enschot.

As director-owner of Vepa, he continues a family tradition of more than 40 years. “We weren’t born yesterday. With our extensive experience, we quickly recognise the very latest developments in the industry and translate them into feasible and affordable concepts for our customers. This applies to both Gifts and Workwear.”

Because, Vepa represents two branches: gifts (corporate gifts) and workwear. “Our way of working remains the same. It is very personal and always focused on a solution. Whether it’s a Christmas hamper, premium gift or trendy workwear. You have to be comfortable with your choice. Our team is all about results.”

Vepa works with brands. “With large and small companies that are very careful about the name and brand they have built. And rightly so; you don’t take that lightly. Translating your brand into gifts or workwear therefore demands a careful approach. At Vepa, we know exactly what that entails. We handle our customers’ image with care, which is why we are always happy to help by developing a concept together. What do you want to achieve, what are you thinking, what is your budget, who is the product for, what are we going to do, what is the best solution?”

Vepa always looks for the best solutions for the customer, striving for a 100% result. “We know what is available in the industry and advise on it. We focus on quality. No, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s expensive. It means we offer the best solution specifically for that customer, tailor-made, high-level and following the reliable Vepa approach. In the end, it should make us all happy. Our client, their associates or employees, and Vepa too. That’s how we celebrate success together.”

“It sounds simple, branding a product. But it isn’t – you need expertise and experience for that. This avoids disappointments in deliveries and guarantees the best results. We reason from quality; it simply has to be good, complete and in order. You may be able to buy your promotional products cheaper via the internet or elsewhere, but whether the final result will be better as a result is questionable. We choose the Vepa-way and we know it works. We have been at it since 1978!”

Ask existing customers of Vepa and they all answer basically the same. “They like working with us because we help them out and always come up with a solution. That personal approach is also what distinguishes us. Developing an idea together, making clear agreements. Then we set to work to make it happen. Working under high pressure and with tight deadlines: that doesn’t faze us, we are used to it. We know what is feasible so that our customers can sleep soundly at night.”