Construction & industrial.

Working through all weathers. With rough and sharp materials. Constantly on the move. That calls for clothes that can withstand tough conditions, are comfortable to wear and are stylish.

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Protective and comfortable clothing.

Well-dressed on the construction site every season

Professionals in the construction and industrial sector place many demands on clothing. And we understand that. It should be practical with enough pockets, it should be safe in all conditions and it should be comfortable. In our extensive range, you will find sturdy work jackets, high-quality overalls, pullovers, trousers, undergarments, lightweight safety shoes and PPE. But also hats, body warmers, rainwear and shirts. This way, your employees will be well dressed and protected from rough materials and other risks every season. Both men and women. You can choose from several brands such as Dassy, Blakläder, Projob and Tricorp.

A tailor-made clothing package in no time

How does it work? If you want to dress at least 25 employees, we will be happy to welcome you to our showroom by appointment. Our specialists will let you see and feel all the clothes. Even the customised options and the possibilities of printing or embroidering your company logo on the clothes. We then organise fitting sessions on site or at our showroom, set up the handy clothing management system and arrange laundry service as you wish. Isn’t the process of a new clothing package much more complex? No. At Vepa, we make it easy. And keep it fun. It is for good reason that many peers have gone before you!

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We stand for personal advice and quality.

Anyone who steps into our showroom will see it straight away: we offer a very wide collection of workwear for every industry. And anyone who then speaks to one of our advisers will experience it straight away: we have an extraordinary amount of knowledge and expertise. This combination means we will always get you the ideal clothing package. Stylish, so employees walk around proudly in them. Comfortable, so professionals enjoy wearing it. Representative, so that your company is recognisable and your employees are a calling card. Safe, so your people are protected in any work situation. Of course, with the right work shoes and PPE. And we have been doing so for more than 40 years.

  • Tailor-made advice in showroom and free fitting session on site or at Vepa
  • Convenient clothing management system
  • Laundry service that suits you
  • Recycling workwear? Yes please!
  • Company logo screen printing, embroidery or transfers
  • Meets all requirements and certifications

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