Wherever you work; for every professional, we have comfortable, practical and stylish workwear, work shoes and PPE that meet all requirements.

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Each profession has different requirements for workwear. Makes sense. Because it makes a big difference whether you work in healthcare with people, in the kitchen of a restaurant with sharp knives or as a landscaper in all kinds of weather conditions. Whatever industry you work in; we have the clothes you are looking for. Practical, durable, comfortable and safe. Of course, with the right shoes and PPE. How we manage that? By knowing your industry inside out. We know exactly what is important for your professionals. It is for good reason that many peers have gone before you. Our specialists bring together the right look, materials, features and safety requirements into a matching whole. We can also arrange clothing customisation, fitting sessions, a clothing management system and tailor-made laundry service for you from 25 employees. We make sure your employees enjoy comfort, convenience and the right protection every working day. Appropriate to your industry. That way, we do what we do best, and you can focus on your core business.

Curious about our advice or just want to come and feel, see and experience our clothing, and do you have at least 25 employees to dress? Then make an appointment in our showroom! Coffee and Jan de Groot’s and Bossche Bol are waiting for you.

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Wow. That has to be the most common reaction from people visiting our showroom for the first time. Wherever you look; you see stylish, practical clothes everywhere. In all kinds of colours and sizes. For men and women. That is an impressive sight. Although we also secretly think that wow-reaction is due to the delicious smell of coffee and Jan de Groot’s Bossche Bol waiting on the table. Besides this delicious taste experience, you also experience the clothes to the max. You can feel it, smell it and even almost taste it.

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We will introduce you to the different brands, fabrics and options. Not sure about the material? Then we’ll let you feel it. Still not sure about the colour? Then we’ll show you. We visualise your choices on images or make a real sample, so you can see how it will really turn out. Do you want a company logo on the clothes? No problem. In our showroom, you will discover the differences between embroidery, screen printing and transfers.

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