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Vepa and Holweg: We’ll take care of it!

By July 6, 2023March 12th, 2024No Comments

Holweg and Vepa are two companies from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, almost neighbours, who have found each other. The transport company chose Vepa as the supplier for the Dassy workwear. After an exploratory conversation in 2022, Holweg chose the route recommended by Vepa. “That went well. What was promised has been delivered and the atmosphere and approach are very personal. That is exactly what we are looking for.”

Holweg Cargo Service from ‘s-Hertogenbosch stands for transport, distribution and logistics services, with a tradition of over thirty years. The company has 26 tractor units in its fleet and is located on the De Vutter industrial estate, just a stone’s throw away from Vepa’s office. About fifty people work for Holweg, both permanent and in the flexible workforce.


“The name Vepa sounded familiar to us when we were looking for a new supplier for our workwear. Moreover, we knew each other from the entrepreneurs’ association. Quite convenient to be sop close to each other, although that was not the decisive factor in choosing Vepa”, says René Dankers, management assistant at Holweg.


“We want our boys to look neat and recognisable on the road. The workwear should be comfortable, fit well, and of course, be of good quality. For instance, the jackets must be waterproof and windproof.” Ultimately, after consultation and advice from Vepa, Holweg chose the Dassy line for the T-shirts, sweaters/vests, and jackets. “This suited us best, and we also find it the most beautiful range.”


Holweg and Vepa share their vision on service provision. René Dankers: “Like Vepa, we also like to think in terms of possibilities. Everything to unburden the customer in the field of transport, distribution and logistics. We strive for long-term relationships with our clients, and solid service is the foundation for that”.


The mentality of both companies is quite similar. Our credo is: we will take care of it; the customer comes first. A deal is a deal, that is of great importance. We see the same thing at Vepa. The reliability that you can count on each other to deliver what you promised. That is of course also paramount in our industry”.


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