Your demand determines the market! Cottover gives you the option to choose an honest product. This way, you will join us in ensuring a more sustainable textile industry.

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Wear your statement.

Your choice of clothing has a global impact. Because what you buy can make a difference. We want to make that difference, together with you. That is why we offer several brands of workwear that stand for sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Such as Cottover. This brand has chosen to use eco-labels that cover both the product and the production chain when it comes to health, environmental impact, working conditions and quality.

  • Impact of your clothing choice
  • Eco-labels in product
  • Focus on health
  • Attention to environmental impact
  • Fair working conditions
  • Quality guaranteed

Choose sustainable products

Buying organic cotton or clothes made with care for people and the environment leads to more sustainable products as well as an even more sustainable textile industry. In short: if you choose sustainable products instead of conventional textiles, we can change the textile business together!

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