Code of Conduct.

We have signed EPPA's code of conduct and stand by these guidelines that ensure the safety, quality and integrity of our products and business processes.

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Ethical and responsible business.

We are affiliated to EPPA; the European umbrella organisation of trade associations in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. It that is for good reason. We don’t just want to meet our customers’ expectations; we want to exceed them. That means we work according to guidelines that respect the environment as well as employees’ rights. How? By complying with all (local) laws and regulations and only doing business in an ethical and professional manner. Want to know more about this code of conduct? You can find it on the EPPA website.

  • We comply with all laws & regulations as well as voluntary standards.
  • We do not tolerate any form of forced labour.
  • We recognise and respect the freedom of our employees to associate and join a union.
  • Under no circumstances will we tolerate the exploitation of (vulnerable) individuals or groups, and any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • We provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We do not tolerate child labour.
  • We follow the rules around pay, working hours, hiring policies, fringe benefits and overtime.
  • We only do business with partners who are like-minded and respect our quality mark for ethical, professional and responsible business.

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