CSR - Ecological.

We could tell you about how important we think corporate social responsibility and sustainability are But it’s better if we just show you.

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Durable clothing for comfort and safety.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not something we ‘just do on the side’. It is the way we work. In everything we do, we have consideration and respect for people, nature and society. This is because we believe that sustainability and comfortable, safe clothing go hand in hand. The same goes for shoes and PPE. And to make a real impact, we want to do it together with our customers. For example, by opting for a sustainable clothing package, recycling workwear or setting up the laundry process in such a way that we take the environment into account as much as possible. But we also advise on the most ‘green’ distribution of clothes to those who order them. More about these options as well as the certifications we hold can be found below.

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  • EcoVadis certificate
  • Code of conduct guidelines
  • Sustainable and fair clothing brands
  • Cottover: fair clothing
  • Printer Prime collection: sustainable clothing
  • Recycling workwear


We are silver certified by EcoVadis; an independent international organisation that rates companies on their sustainable performance and CSR.

Code of conduct

We have signed EPPA’s code of conduct and stand by these guidelines that ensure the safety, quality and integrity of our products and business processes.


Your demand determines the market! Cottover gives you the option to choose an honest product. This way, you will join us in ensuring a more sustainable textile industry.

Printer Prime

A collection made with special attention to the ecological footprint.

Recycling workwear

We give all workwear that is no longer worn a second life.

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