Whether you choose a standard, customised or custom-made clothing package: your employees will wear comfortable and stylish workwear with pride.

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Comfortable workwear without worries.

Whether you work in healthcare, in hospitality, as a landscaper or construction worker: we have the right clothing for every industry. Practical, comfortable, safe and durable. We understand that you are looking for a certain look, as well as specific features for shirts, trousers, jackets and other workwear. Our specialists know how to combine all these requirements flawlessly.

How does it work? We would be happy to make an appointment in our showroom to introduce you to the different brands, fabrics and options. While enjoying a Bossche Bol, of course! You can choose from standard packages, customise clothes (think a different colour zipper) or create a fully custom design for the clothes. We ask pointed questions that will help you think outside the box. All in order to find the ideal solution. Not sure about the material? Then we’ll let you feel it. Still not sure about the colour? Then we’ll show you. We visualise your choices on screen or order a sample print. Do you want a company logo on the clothes? No problem. You will discover the differences between embroidery, screen printing and transfers.

Once all the choices are made, we start testing. Ideally, we would like to have your most critical employee wear a trial set, to hear what they think. We then organise a fitting session at your premises to ensure we order the right size for each employee. Re-ordering clothing or seeing exactly what has been spent can be done with our clear clothing management system. Curious about the status of an order? Before you even want to call us to ask about it, we have already informed you.

We will also be happy to organise laundry and cleaning for you. In a sustainable way, making the clothes last longer. And speaking of sustainable; you can hand in your old workwear with us so that they get a second life. That way, the circle is complete!

Who do we do this for? For companies where at least 25 employees wear workwear.

  • Tailored advice in showroom
  • Free on-site fitting session
  • Large range for men and women
  • Convenient clothing management system
  • Laundry service that suits you
  • Recycling workwear? Yes please!
  • Company logo screen printing, embroidery or transfers
  • Up-to-date information on deliveries
  • Bedrijfskleding voldoet aan alle eisen en certificeringen

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